Infrared Scan

What is an Infrared Scan?

Infrared scans are a non-invasive technology used to detect potential points of failure in your power equipment. Our trained and certified technicians use an infrared camera to produce thermal images of your electrical equipment. Common points of failure such as loose connections, corrosion, and faulty assembly can all be detected though this procedure. Infrared Scans can also check oil levels and cooling fins on any oil filled transformer.

Infrared Scanning is often used in commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities as part of their preventive maintenance plan to evaluate electrical equipment. Insurance providers may require infrared scan as a risk management tool.


Loose or dirty electrical connections and electrical irregularities can cause power outages. By using this non-invasive technology we can easily detect hot spots on the electrical equipment that may be a precursor to a larger and more costly issue. A proactive approach to power equipment preventive maintenance leads to improved safety and efficiency of operations.

Benefits of Using Powertech Services:

  • We are a full service electrical testing and maintenance company. Repairs can start immediately by our trained technicians.
  • After the scan you will receive a full report showing all the power equipment tested during the scan along with results and recommendations.
  • If Powertech Services makes any repairs we will provide a complimentary Infrared Scan after the repairs are complete. We recommend a follow-up Infrared Scan to ensure repairs were done properly if we are not the company performing the repairs.
Benefits of Infrared Scanning:
  • No equipment shutdown necessary
  • Can decrease building insurance premiums
  • Reduces repair and maintenance costs
  • Prevents power equipment failures
  • Improves efficiency
  • Cost effective way to identify problems areas
Ultrasonic Scanning

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